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Nut feeder series

Electromagnetic absorption system
(Yajima system) nut feeder
 More information
Yajima system nut feeder has gained good reputation among customers.
With its electromagnetic absorption method, it can supply nuts automatically and stably regardless of supply angles.
It can deal with square, circle, hexagon, diamond, T shaped nuts and so on.
It also has various functions such as nut direction control, double supply, nut front or back supply, and has floor top and tabletop type.
NF21 (YAJIMA)  More information
This product is easy to work with and eco-friendly. It also has other features such as high-speed supply, stable vibration and selection, low noise and fuel-efficiency. It is a modern-oriented series that allow you to choose the combination of selection a basin and a hopper.

Sky Feeder  More information
Our nut feeder has made another evolution to be an ultimate nut feeder!
With an original nut selection method, it is low noise, low vibration, light weight, compact, fuel-efficient, and air-efficient. It is easy to operate, too.
It does not require.

Safe type nut feeder  More information
In using nut feeders, there are some cases in which while a supply rod is advancing mal-operation by a worker causes the tip of the supply rod to touch body of a worker.
Our safe type nut feeder is designed so that the impact of even does not harm a worker's body even if a rod touches him (Advancement is detected in front).

Upper electrode supply type nut feeder
Being developed.

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Bolt feeder series

Vacuum type bolt feeder  More information
With its vacuum absorption system, it can supply bolts stably regardless of the materials used for bolts.
It can supply to a small area, too.
It can adjust to a bolt size of M5 to M10.
(This picture shows a supply head.)
Electrode push type bolt feeder  More information
This type has a simple structure which pushes a chucked bolt directly into a work hole in an upper electrode of welding machine and thus has short supply cycle time.

Supply gun type bolt feeder  More information
This type is used for cases in which supply heads are integrated into special machines and bolts are supplied in an upstream processes and weld in the downstream processes.
This type has high ability to supply bolts.

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 Nut feeder series   Bolt feeder series   Custom made special machines   Other products

Custom made special machines

We design (Mechanical or electrical) or manufacture various automatic or labor-saving machines according to customers' request.
Please feel free to call our sales desk Nagoya (TEL 052-881-9191) or Okayama (TEL 086-943-2935).
•Product aligned supply equipment •Tapping equipment •Assembly equipment •Bolt fastening equipment
•Press fitting equipment •Welding equipment •High frequency welding machine •Jig
•Other special equipment      
Robot welding line
We design and manufacture various kinds of robot welding lines. We can develop advanced systems according to customers' needs.

Pin supply equipment
This equipment selects pins suitable for a product automatically and supply them to designated positions.

Holder welding and assembly equipment
After setting products to a palette jig, this equipment caulks, welds and then puts finish product to storage box automatically. Dispensing and heaping up of storage boxes will be done automatically.

TIG welding machine
Part of products will be caulk and then TIG welding will be done.

Pin supply equipment
Products will be made efficient by transfer convey and thus stable supply and reduced noise will be achieved.

Small parts automatic assembly equipment
Robots will assemble small parts automatically. Finished products will be supplied to designated points after inspection. Each component parts will be supplied by parts-feeder.

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 Nut feeder series   Bolt feeder series   Custom made special machines   Other products

Other products

Parts feeder  More information
Parts feeder is equipment necessary for the automatic supply of small parts.
It selects direction and arranges parts. It is used with combination with automatic machines in the next process.

Ace clipper  More information
Inserting hose clips into hose is quite a pain.
You can do this job with Ace Clipper without nippers, quickly and briskly.
Ace clipper is equipment for fitting hose clips.
Set a hose in a setting part whose clip length is enlarged, it will automatically clamp to a designated position.
(Cycle time is 1 to 2 second/piece) *Depends on workers.
There is fixed type whose clamp position is always the same and flexible type whose clamp position can be adjusted (0 - 50mm).

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 Nut feeder series   Bolt feeder series   Custom made special machines   Other products