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Privacy Policy

We protect personal information about our customers who was provide to us through this website based on the policy below.
1. Specification of purpose of use

We will use personal information, which was provided to us based on customers' own will, only for the purpose of &quote;providing our products, services or related information&quote; or &quote;improving our products or services&quote;
2. Protection of personal information

We will take proper measures for protecting personal information provided from customers from such things as illegal access, loss, destruction, edit, leak etc.
3. Restriction of providing personal information to third parties.

We do not provide personal information to third parties except for cases described below.

(1) In case there is consent by the customer.
(2) In case we are required to provide information by law.
4. Compliance with laws

We will comply with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information.
5. Other remarks

(1) In case other website has a link to our website, we shall not be held responsible for the treatment of personal information in that website.
(2) We do not guarantee security in sending your information. Therefore, you must send your information with your own responsibility.

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